Rose Bears and Swarovski – The Perfect Match!

If you've already taken a look around our online store, you may well have found your perfect rose bear! But what if you could take our iconic rose bear look and add a little glitz or glamour at the same time? Our bears are already visually stunning – and make for superb long-lasting gifts – but did you know that you can actually add a little sparkle to our creations along the way?

We're pleased to be able to partner with Swarovski, one of the world's leading crystal and jewel designers and retailers. Available in red and cream, you're now able to buy a rose bear for your loved one with added crystals nestled in along the way.
Do you know someone who loves crystals as much as they love roses? Our crystal rose bears make for some of the most unique, eye-catching gifts around.
wine rose bear with swarovski crystals
Say It With a Sparkle!
Our crystal rose bears are fantastic amalgamations of some of the most classic romantic gifts around. While our rose bears alone make the most of long-lasting flowers and classic teddy bear designs, introducing a Swarovski crystal or two is only going to make things more special.

It might even surprise you as to how sparkly your rose bears could be. In our special crystal bears, we make sure to include hundreds of roses, and up to 500 crystal pieces per bear. We defy you to find anything with more sparkle and shimmer!

A crystal rose bear is a visually stunning, unique and memorable gift which people of all ages will love to receive. Available at very reasonable rates from our online store, we offer free delivery on spectacular bears likely to add a little bit of glitter and shine into your life.
wine rose bear with swarovski crystals in gift box
Better Than Jewellery?
We'd like to think so! While jewels and crystals are fantastic gifts to receive on special occasions, crystal rose bears tend to go that one better. Think about it this way – why give a bear, flowers and jewels separately when your loved one can enjoy them all in one simple package? Our versatile creations are already available in different colours and styles – but if you really want to push the boat out for an anniversary, birthday or special Valentine's Day gift, a crystal bear could make all the difference.

It's safe to say that separately, roses, bears and jewellery are all going to make wonderful gifts. However, if you're looking for the best of all worlds in a creative and unique design, a crystal rose bear is likely to be a fantastic choice.
swarovski label
Genuine swarovski crystals
Go All Out!
We're pleased to offer rose bears in various designs for all occasions. However, for those events and occasions which are a little extra special, make sure to think a little bit outside of the box! A crystal rose bear is a great way to show someone you love them – and if you ask us, the more shimmer and sparkle, the better! Take a look at our crystal Swarovski range now and pick a premium gift!
cream white rose bear with swarovski crystals