How to Write a Romantic Message

A Guide
Sometimes, it can be hard to find the right words to say to our loved ones. Sometimes, we perhaps don't show the special people in our lives just how we feel! However, a well-written romantic message, straight from the heart, is all that it takes.

With a wonderful rose bear, you can send a special message to your loved one to show how much they mean to you. Not only will they receive a wonderful, unique and romantic gift, they'll get a lovely message to read along with it! Your message will be delivered along with your bear in a stylish, black envelope.

But how do you write the perfect romantic message? How much is too much – and how little is too little? We're all a little romantic. And while the perfect message will differ from person to person, there are a few tips which will apply to writing them in general.
Tell Them How You Feel
Write from the heart. This may sound cheesy, but if there is someone in your life who you love with all your being, you will find it easy to offer them your true feelings.

Writing from the heart is all about thinking deeply about the way someone changes your life for the better. How do they make you feel whenever you see them? Could you bear to be without them? What makes you want to show them how much you care?

This could be something simple, something silly, or even something poetic. It is entirely up to you! As long as your feelings are true, there is no reason your message won't come across as romantic.
Be Creative
Anyone can write a short message or note. Sometimes, these types of message can work really well! However, a truly romantic message is one which has had clear thought put into it.

You could, for example, write a short poem! If you're not confident in your writing abilities, you could draw something cute or significant. Why not bring up a favourite memory that you share?

Talk about something which means the world to you both. Demonstrate that you have put genuine thought into your message.
Be Original
The best romantic messages are those which are unique, or special to the reader. That means you don't have to stick to the old 'roses are red' line unless it means something to you! Share a joke or a moment with your loved one which no one else will appreciate. Create a moment that they will remember, along with their gorgeous rose bear, for all time.

As well as putting in effort and being creative, you should be ready to show your loved one that they're the only one that matters so much to you. They, too, are unique!
Say It With a Rose Bear
Rose bears make wonderful gifts for special days and as everyday presents for loved ones. Write a heartfelt message and send a bear they'll treasure. Create some wonderful memories!