Why Do People Love Bears?

It's a curious thing – bears are world-famous for making fantastic, cuddly toys – but in reality, they're not always so cuddly! The famous teddy bear shape is what helped us get started in making Rose Bears – but the phenomenon of people loving bears has always been fairly intriguing. What is it that draws people to toy bears and bear-shaped gifts? Let's take a closer look and see if we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

A Symbol of Protection
Bears offer a lovely sense of warmth and protection. Toy bears have open arms, ready for a cuddle, and by design, they are always on hand to be squeezed and snuggled. This may tie back to the idea that bears are very protective, powerful animals. They care deeply about the ones they love.

This transfers well to the idea of bear toys and plushes being fantastic gifts. Rose Bears are the perfect symbol for passion, protection and love. It is perhaps something of a psychological phenomenon!

Toy Bears Are Older Than We Are!
The fact is, teddy bears have been around for well over 100 years. Our grandparents had them, and so did their parents! Therefore, we have all likely grown up with the idea that a toy bear is a symbol of comfort and fun.

That's what helps to make our Rose Bears so iconic. We've taken the classic image of a teddy bear and have created something new and exciting – while making sure that same, familiar shape is clear for all to see. Our bears have tons of character!

It's safe to say that toy bears are likely to be around for many years after we are gone. Therefore, now is the time to start gifting them – and to find new and exciting ways to show our loved ones how much they mean to us.
Bears Are Iconic
Some of the most iconic cartoon and storybook characters are bears. Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, Rupert the Bear – all are childhood favourites of people from all over the world. Bear characters are enduring. Affable, clumsy, full of adventure – they are very easy to love and very difficult to forget.

That's why bear gifts are so enduring, too. The gift of a soft toy or a Rose Bear will likely stay with the person who receives it for years to come. Even better, then, is the fact that Rose Bears are incredibly durable! It's one gift that your loved one won't forget about in a hurry.
We Love Bears!
Instead of thinking about why we love bears, we should perhaps just continue to take our favourite ursines for what they are. Soft, friendly and always available for a cuddle. Rose Bears are unique gift ideas which take something classic and add a wonderful touch of passion and thoughtfulness.

Choose a unique Rose Bear that will make your loved one's day, week, month and year – start by visiting our shop and creating a spectacular present right now!