When Should You Gift a Rose Bear?

A Guide
As we all know, Rose Bears make for fantastic gifts all year round. However, many people may assume that they are only ever popular on Valentine's Day! Far from it – these wonderful, bespoke gifts are ideal, thoughtful presents that people can enjoy on multiple different occasions.

Whether you are giving a Rose Bear to a partner, a parent or a child, there are plenty of different days and events where our curious creations make for popular presents. Here are just a few days where we think they make the most sense as superb gifts!

Rose Bears make wonderful, enduring gifts all year round. Therefore, why wouldn't you want to gift one on someone's birthday? Whether it's for a milestone celebration or not, a Rose Bear will delight recipients of all ages. They could be the perfect gift for a younger person or even for a parent. People who love flowers – or people who love cuddly toys – will obviously make ideal recipients of these gifts, meaning you could consider handing over a bear or two with special messages attached.

Mother's Day
We have all probably bought flowers for our mothers during March at some point in our lives. At least, we probably should have done! In any case, a Rose Bear takes this classic gifting idea one step further. Why not show your Mum how much you care with a unique, long-lasting gift? Rose Bears are likely to connect well with mothers up and down the country. They're a perfect symbol of familial love and bonding.
Father's Day
Let's not forget the Dads, either! Not all Dads are interested in gifts of beer or football shirts. Some really love their softer gifts and goodies! If your Dad appreciates the cuddlier things in life, then you may want to offer up a lovely Rose Bear on his special day. Who says that Rose Bears just make great gifts for women and girls?
Yes – you could also give a Rose Bear away at Christmas! Our spectacular, colourful foamiran roses will add colour to any festive space. It's a wonderful gift idea for anyone who may be tired of the same old socks, bath products and toys. With that in mind, why not choose a unique bear and write a message to show how much you care? It could be an ideal way to really seal off the year.