What Makes Our Rose Bears Special?

There are millions of ways to show your loved ones that you care. You might take them out for a meal, you might buy them gifts, or it might just be that you do little things for them that matter each day! In any case, we are all different, but the little things really matter. From family members to partners and even close friends, the classic gift ideas and acts of kindness really go a long way. But what about those really special occasions – how do you make them stand out?

That's where our fabulous rose bears come in. Popular with flower lovers and soft toy collectors alike, our gift ideas are nothing like that which you might find on the high street. For exclusive, stunning, hand-made gifts, you really cannot go wrong!
Made With Care
People love giving and receiving rose bears! One of the main reasons why our range is so popular isn't just because there are different colours and varieties – but the fact that all our bears are hand-made and built to your specifications. While some similar gifts on the high street may be factory-designed and built, our rose bears are special because they have that fabulously human touch.

We love making sure that all our customers are completely in love with their rose bear purchases. Our team puts genuine time and effort into designing and building each bear, meaning that each purchase really is special. Each bear is completely unique, and has been given time and attention just for you and your loved one.

Say It With Love
Another reason why our rose bears are so special is the fact that you get to write your own message supplied alongside! Simply let us know what you'd like your special note or card to say and your rose bear will be delivered with your unique message. This helps to make things that little bit more personal, and what's more, you simply can't expect to find this kind of treatment from high street stores.

We make sure that each rose bear gift is put together with love and care. This means ensuring that your special message is delivered to show how much someone really means to you, along with a fantastic, unique rose bear creation. It's a great way to create a really special memory.

Why Give a Rose Bear?

Rose bears are made from 100% synthetic foamiran roses, which means they are perfect for anyone who may be allergic to flowers! What's more, they are guaranteed to last longer than real roses, meaning they will retain their look for weeks to come. What's more, if you're tired of gifting the same old soft toys and bunches of roses – why not combine the two ideas together in a brilliant, unique package?

Rose bears are available in a variety of sizes and colours. All you need to do is decide which bear is going to be the best look for your loved one! Take a look at what we have on offer and do let us know if we can be of any further assistance.