What Are Foamiran Roses?

One of the most appealing features of our wonderful rose bear selection is, of course, that they are not made from real flowers! While this may not seem like a plus point on the face of it, consider how much hassle a bear made of real flowers would be! Roses and other flowers make beautiful gifts, however, they can cause irritation and can aggravate hayfever. What's more, flowers sadly never last for very long, even if you look after them carefully. That's why so many people love buying rose bears – as they are made from foamiran flowers!

But what exactly does this mean? Are your loved ones actually receiving rose bears, or something else entirely? Don't worry – as it is simple to break down and explain! Read on and we'll fill you in on the details.
Allergy Free and Easy to Manage
Foamiran flowers are completely synthetic and are made from 100% allergen-free material. They are designed to offer the timeless look of a rose, however, they come with none of the upkeep or feeding you would otherwise expect from a traditional bouquet! What's more, foamiran flowers hold their form well – which means that they are perfect for building rose bears with.

Foamiran flowers are never going to make your sneeze. They are also never going to need your daily attention! You won't have to water your rose bears, as they can be left for weeks on end and still look fantastic. That's why so many people love them – they are a manageable, timeless gift idea which have zero demands of their owners.

Making Memories with Foamiran
Foamiran flowers simply look fantastic. They are designed after classic roses in a variety of colours. While roses and other flowers can create some brilliant memories, there is a good chance that these will last for longer with enduring foamiran. Our rose bears are hand-made and designed with foamiran technology so that they can hold their shape and form.

It's much like buying soft toy. You won't expect a cuddly toy to need upkeep or to start wilting after a week! Rose bears are built from synthetic material so that their owners can enjoy them month after month.

What's more, foamiran is impressively versatile. We love creating unique rose bear designs for our customers, meaning that you can choose sizes, colours and more as you see fit. Foamiran is flexible, which means that there is certainly more scope for custom design.

Some may even say that foamiran flowers and rose bears look better than the real thing!

Choose a Rose Bear
It's easy to see why so many people love rose bears and foamiran flowers. However, it can be tricky to choose from our amazing range, at least to begin with! Why not take a look at what we have available! You can make your own custom bear your own – simple call us or email us if you have any questions, and trust in the amazing flexibility of foamiran!