Soft Bears or Rose Bears – Which Are the Better Gifts?

Teddy bears and soft bears are classic gift ideas. They’re not just loved by children! Millions of people show each other their love and affection with a lovely gift of a soft toy or plush. Bears, of course, are classic toys – which is one of the many reasons why we chose to start making Rose Bears of our own!

But when it comes to choosing between soft toys and rose bears, which really makes for the better gift? We know the answer – and we’re sure you do, too! However, let’s take a quick look and break things down a bit!

Rose Bears are Unique

It’s safe to say that Rose Bears have the edge when it comes to being unique gift ideas. As cute as teddy bears are, many of them come from a specific line or with a specific character. Rose Bears are individually made and make for a genuinely surprising gift idea!

While millions of us love soft bears and teddies – Rose Bears simply offer something that little bit different! We take the classic bear shape and take the idea in a whole other direction. Therefore, if someone’s opening a gift and expecting a teddy inside – they can get a special surprise when they find a stunning Rose Bear instead!

Rose Bears are Made with Love

That is, we make each and every one of our Rose Bears by hand. We include personal messages, and therefore have your specific gift idea in close mind. When you buy a teddy bear, it might not have the same personal connection. Yes – you can choose a bear and deliver a message – but does it have the same guarantee of personal uniqueness? Maybe not!

Our handmade bears stand apart from factory-made toys. They are of fantastic quality – and each one is made to order, meaning you are always giving away a bespoke present. That’s an incredibly thoughtful gesture on your part!

Rose Bears Are Durable

Poor teddy bears can go through a lot. They can tear, get squashed, dirtied and more. Rose Bears, meanwhile, may look soft and fluffy on the outside, but are tough enough to withstand long term enjoyment. They make for spectacular ornaments and side-pieces and add a touch of class to any room.

Rose Bears’ incredible durability – thanks to artificial foamiran roses – means that they are gifts which will stand the test of time. Sure – a teddy bear will weather years to come if you look after it. But a Rose Bear? You might not have to do a thing!

And The Winner Is…?

Of course – Rose Bears win out when it comes to making for the best possible gift. There will always be a place for teddy bears – but a fantastic, unique Rose Bear is a special gift that will surprise, delight, and stand the test of time.

Why not take a look at our online shop and build a Rose Bear of your own? Let us know if you have any special messages and we will be sure to include them with your gift.