Why Are Rose Bears Better Gifts Than Real Flower Bouquets?


Flowers are a timeless display of love and affection. Roses, in particular, are associated with romance and adoration at their most pure, and at their deepest. Millions of people show their loved ones how much they care with bouquets of flowers all over the world. It is a universal language! However, we think that one gift idea in particular may give traditional flower offerings a run for their money.
We are, of course, referring to beautiful rose bears. Rose bears are hand-crafted with love, and make for truly unique gift ideas. However, we feel that in many cases, a rose bear is a gift idea which may actually work out better than a bunch of flowers. Here's why.

Rose Bears Last Longer
Faux roses built into our bears are guaranteed to last week after week. One of the downsides of gifting flowers is the fact that they will sadly die after a short period of time. If you want to gift your partner a symbol of everlasting love, why not choose a present which will last? Flowers are lovely gift ideas, but the fact that they do not last more than a few days makes them pale in comparison to presents with more longevity.

No Risk of Allergies
Millions of people love flowers – but millions more are highly allergic to them! Is your partner at risk of sneezing up a storm every time they approach a sweet-smelling plant? Then it is probably not a good idea to gift them a bouquet of flowers! A rose bear, meanwhile, is completely allergy-free. It's a gift which is never likely to set your partner's eyes streaming or nose twitching. For that reason, it is a gift which can be considered a safe option!

Rose Bears are Made with Love
Unless you purchase flowers from a local florist or a particular arrangement service, you never know what thoughts and processes have gone into the picking. Our rose bears, meanwhile, are made with love and passion. We want to make sure that each and every one of our bears finds a loving home, and that the gift-giving moment is spectacular. Therefore, we make sure to take care with each bear we build.

Rose Bears are Unique
Flowers are universal in that they show love and adoration. However, giving someone flowers is an idea which is well-worn! Therefore, why not think about choosing a lovely gift which is just as stunning, but which is a little more unique? A rose bear makes for a stunning gift, one which will be a pleasing surprise to anyone who loves roses and would appreciate a different type of present idea for a special occasion. For that reason, we feel that rose bears make the perfect present.
If you'd like to take a closer look at rose bears for yourself, why not examine our full range of choices in-store? We'll be happy to build and dispatch a custom rose bear just for you.