Need Cheering Up? Choose a Rose Bear!

It's safe to say that, right now, the world is going through a very difficult time. Lockdown procedures and worries about illness are starting to bring a lot of people down. Therefore, in these trying times, it's crucial that we all look for little things which can help to make our lives that little bit lighter. If you're impacted by lockdown right now, or know someone who is, it makes sense to invest in a little treat or two!

Our rose bears make fantastic gifts for anyone who is feeling blue. While plenty of us find ourselves stuck indoors – and away from the people we love – that doesn't mean we have to wallow! Here are some more great reasons why rose bears could be just what you need when it comes to finding a little everyday cheer.
Who Doesn't Like Bears?
We've recently had a look at why so many people love the idea of receiving bears as gifts – they are iconic! The teddy bear has been a part of our lives for as long as just about all of us can remember. A toy bear is a soft, cuddly icon which is likely to appeal to kids and grown-ups alike.

Therefore, a rose bear is a universal gift idea. While some people like roses more than others, a floral, colourful bear is bound to surprise and delight anyone who's had a cuddle with a bear or two in the past!

Rose bears could be an ideal gift for a friend or family member with a known affinity for soft toys. While our bears may not be as soft as those that come fully stuffed, they are likely to be just as appealing to the eye!
It's a Unique Gift
You should never have to find an excuse to offer someone you love a unique gift that they will enjoy. Therefore, instead of giving someone the same old chocolates or bunches of flowers, why not look for something a bit different?

In times like these, it's always worth showing the people you love that you are thinking of them. You can buy a variety of different rose bears in colours and styles from our online store. We will then dispatch them to any door you wish – with a personal message at your request.

During lockdown and during these tense times, it's important you find unique ways to show people you love them! While regular phone calls, texts and video chats are always great, sometimes, it's worth making a bigger gesture.
Why Not Cheer Yourself Up?
Don't let yourself get bogged down in the current climate. Why not buy yourself a unique gift to help brighten up your home? A rose bear is a fantastic treat that's likely to please you and your loved ones – who says you shouldn't treat yourself every once in a while?