Why Buy a Rose Bear for Christmas?

Christmas gift rose bear
Christmas is well on the way, and if you're anything like us, you'll already be thinking about what to buy your loved ones. It can be tricky this time of year to look for gifts and presents which are going to appeal to a wide range of people. The fact is, there's more choice than a little out there nowadays – and when it comes to finding a genuinely heartfelt gift, it can often be easy to get swept away with all the usual sweet treats and expensive trinkets.

If you're looking or something really original and heartfelt to give to a loved one this Christmas, why not consider a rose bear? There are plenty of reasons why a unique rose bear creation is likely to go down wonderfully this festive season.
white rose bear with an envelope and christmas tree
It's a Timeless Gift

We build our rose bears with wonderful foamiran flowers, meaning that they are made to last. Christmas, as we're sure you'll agree, is always over far too quickly. However, with a lovely gift idea in the shape of a rose bear, you can be sure that you're investing in a long-lasting, appealing present which will weather more than just Christmas and Boxing Day mornings!

It's a lovely way to show someone that you love them and that you have been thinking of them this year. Christmas is going to be strange for a lot of people thanks to lockdown conditions, but you can still reach out and give your friends and family gift ideas they are going to cherish and adore for time to come.

It's Healthier Than Chocolates

Christmas is a time for over-indulgence, and let's face it – there are likely to be more than a few sweet treats and chocolates on offer across the period. Why not cut through the goodies and offer your friends, family members or loved ones a low-calorie rose bear instead? Let's be clear, here – you can't actually eat our bears!

Christmas is a great time of year for people to kick back and relax. After 2020, can you blame them for wanting to let their hair down a little? However, for those of us who feel a bit guilty after enjoying some Christmas yummies, a rose bear is likely to be a gift that's more considerate, and certainly longer-lasting, than the odd box of chocs.

It's Safely Delivered

Rather than risk going to the local shops or supermarkets for Christmas gift buying this year, it's going to be much safer to do it all from home. What's more, it's always going to be easier! We ship our rose bears safely across the UK, meaning that you can safely deliver your gift to your loved one's door while adhering to social distancing!

Now is the time to really start booking in Christmas gifts and deliveries. Make a point of picking the perfect rose bear for your partner, friend or loved one now – and create an amazing, lasting memory that they will want to cherish for years to come.

crystal rose bear with Swarovski