Welcome a New Arrival With a Rose Bear!

gift red rose bear with bow tie
Welcoming a baby is always a special time – and as you can imagine, it'll mean a lot of special gifts! New Mums and Dads have lots to think about – but the last thing they'll probably be thinking about on the big day are which gifts they have and haven't received! That's why something as special as a rose bear is going to be a lovely gift to help welcome a baby boy or girl into the world.

Not sure if a rose bear is the best newborn gift? Let's give you a few more reasons why you might want to give this wonderful present to help celebrate a birth.
 holding pink rose bear with bowtie
The Classic Bear Look!

Rather than choosing a traditional teddy bear outright, why not go for something a little bit different? Many people choose toys for newborns as special gifts. However, you could take that premise and give something a little bit out of the box!

A rose bear combines that lovely, iconic teddy bear shape with foamiran roses in a gorgeous colour and fabulous formation. This means that you are combining two gifts in one! It's essentially a lovely bunch of roses combined with a bear – an iconic gift for a new arrival, and a wonderful way to celebrate a momentous day.

A Gift That Lasts

Many people choose to give rose bears for the fact that our handmade creations really do stand the test of time. Rather than giving a bunch of roses or flowers which will wilt shortly after putting in a vase, our rose bears are made with wonderful foamiran flowers, meaning that your loved one immediately benefits from a longer lasting gift.

In fact, you could even give the gift of a rose bear before the birth! It'll be a wonderful present that's going to last well into the first year of life. We want to make sure that you're able to give presents that last for longer than just a few days or weeks at a time. Therefore, instead of going with the run of the mill presents and choices new parents might usually expect, really surprise them with an eye-catching, enduring gift that shows them how much you care.

A Rose Bear on Arrival

With flexible, affordable shipping available on all of our rose bears, you can be sure that the new parents are going to receive a fabulous gift that's waiting for them on the big day. If you know that the due date is approaching, new is a great time to start looking into the different styles and sizes of rose bear we have available.

The big day is approaching – it's time to start thinking about celebrating the arrival of a little one with a lovely present that's going to make some unique memories. Mark the birth of a boy or a girl – choose a colour that appeals to you and a size you think they'll love. Then, choose a shipping method and address, and leave a message showing how much you care.