Send 2020 Off The Right Way!

gift red rose bear with bow tie
It's a pretty safe assumption that 2020 hasn't exactly been the easiest year for many people. Thanks to the coronavirus and lockdown procedures, we've all had to make big changes to our lives. This has meant we've had to rethink who we come into contact with, what we do with them, and even how we buy everyday items. However, hope is just around the corner, and the best thing we can do right now with 2020 pulling to a close is make sure that we see it off with a bang.

Why not give your loved one, friend or partner a really special gift for the year ahead? There are plenty of great reasons why a rose bear might be just what you need to make sure they know they have someone caring for them during these difficult times.
 holding pink rose bear with bowtie
Welcome in 2021

A rose bear could be a wonderful symbol of love and hope for the year ahead! 2021 is full of promise in many ways. We know more about the pandemic coming into the new year, and that alone is worth celebrating – it really won't be long now until it is safe for us to all get back together again as families, friend groups and more.

Therefore, many people are looking forward to 2021. While answers to all our problems might not be just around the corner, sealing off 2020 really does seem to be the right thing to do. Therefore, let's do so with some fantastic positivity. The world is full of uncertainty at the best of times, and sometimes, the right thing to do is to take small moments here and there to show people how much you care about them.

A Wonderful Gesture

It's pretty safe to say that a rose bear is a pretty unique gift! Made with gorgeous foamiran roses in the shape of lovely teddy bears, you can buy a bear in various colours and sizes to your own tastes, or to those of your loved one!

We may not all be able to get together this new year. It will be a very tough time for many people – but you can make a token gesture and show how much you are thinking of others as the year pulls to a close. With a lovely rose bear, you can make sure to leave a personal message along with your own special choice of bear. This means that your recipient knows that you've picked their bear for them especially.

What's more, it's a lovely new year's gift that is going to roll on into 2021. Unlike traditional flowers and other everyday gifts and presents, a rose bear is built to last time to come. Therefore, take a chance on a gorgeous, heartfelt present to really seal 2020 off.

Our handmade gifts are always likely to put smiles on people's faces! Know someone who could really use a rose bear this time of year? Why not make a point of giving them a unique present you know that they'll want to remember?

Pink rose bear with bowtie