Picking the Right Rose Bear UK

A Guide
If you've already taken a look at our wonderful rose bear creations, you may already be thinking about which style and size are best for you! That all depends, of course, on who is receiving the bear as a gift. Do they have a favourite colour? Will they prefer a tiny bear they can carry around or a big one which can sit proudly in their bedroom?

There are plenty of things to consider. In this short guide, we will look at what you need to bear in mind when purchasing a rose bear for the first time. It shouldn't ever be too complex a choice!

The Right Size

We currently stock two sizes of rose bear – 35cm and 70cm – which means you can either choose from a small sized bear that's easy to carry around or a bigger bear which will be an even bigger surprise! Our 70cm bears really do stand proud – available in a variety of colours and comprising of more than 500 foamiran roses, even the biggest bears in our catalogue are handmade with care and attention.

Therefore, think carefully about the size of bear you'd like to buy. We're happy to help you make a decision if you have any questions!
A Range of Colours

We design and make rose bears in a number of different colours, which should appeal to a variety of tastes! Available in traditional red or pink, we can also build rose bears in lovely cream and grey colours. Therefore, you can pick a bear in either muted or striking shades as per your preference. What's your partner's favourite colour? Which of the bear colours appeals to you the most?

Yes – even our rose bears like to accessorise! We currently offer rose bears either holding cute rose hearts or dressed in a natty bow tie. Therefore, you can deliver a bear that's offering lots of love or lots of style! It's up to you. Would the recipient prefer a snazzy dresser or a lovely rose heart?
Buy Direct

We've set up our UK store and workshop to make sure that our customers are always able to buy the best quality rose bears from a national provider. There are risks involved when buying gifts from overseas – in that you may not always get the quality you desire despite free shipping! Always buy direct from us and get wonderful quality rose bear gifts at affordable rates of shipping and handling.
Send a Message

You can even send a rose bear with a personalised message of your choosing. Simply let us know what you'd like to say and we'll send your choice of bear along with your unique greeting. Don't forget to write your message before you check out!

Take a Closer Look

Why not take a closer look at photos of our rose bear gifts and what people are saying about us on Facebook? Don't forget – you can always contact our team to learn more. Call us on +44 7539 661053 at your convenience.