How to Plan the Perfect Romantic Evening

A Guide
We all have a good idea about what a truly romantic evening should look and feel like. It is all about making time for your partner! Making sure that they know they are the centre of your universe – and you don't have to do it by splashing out on big, shiny diamonds or other expensive treats. Providing you put plenty of thought into your romantic evening, it will be sure to go down swimmingly!

Here are a few great ideas you could put into practice.

Cook Dinner
There's no better way to show that you care for your partner than to cook for them. It doesn't matter how you prepare or cook it – just as long as it's something they love, and something you have put time and effort into.

Dress Up Nice
Whether or not you are staying in or going out, it is sometimes nice to make a genuine effort! Take time to choose an outfit both you and your partner love. Accessorise, too. Really make the evening special!

Choose the Right Music
Not everyone likes listening to cheesy jazz music on romantic nights in. If you're staying in, why not build a playlist of music you know they'll love?

Turn Off Your Phones
Yes! It's so tempting to keep looking at your phones. However, make sure you either switch them off completely or only have them available for emergencies. Don't have your phone out at the table – it will spoil a wonderful evening for you both.

Buy a Lovely Gift
Treat your partner to something wonderful – a lovely, unique Rose Bear handmade in UK will show that you care about them, and that you have thought deeply about their favourite gifts and flowers. Whether they love teddy bears or roses, our bears will be the perfect complement to any romantic evening, in or out.
Keep it Light
The point of a romantic evening is to escape from everyday hassles. Don't spend your evening sat talking about work, or gossiping about other people! Focus on your partner. Be happy – you may not normally have much time to spend with them one on one!

Make Plans for Two
It's important to plan a romantic evening far ahead of time if you don't get much time to yourselves. You might have kids who need looking after, or pets who can be a handful. Don't compromise! Find someone who will be willing to babysit for the evening, and/or someone who will be able to take care of your dogs or cats until further notice. If you don't get much time together, you're going to want to make the most of it.

Enjoy Yourselves!
This point is so important – plan a romantic evening because you want to! Don't feel pressurised or awkward. The point of a romantic evening is to show one another how much you care. If you truly love the one you're with, that should come naturally to you.

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