It is Autumn Season

A cold, rainy time when nature falls into slumber before winter. During this time of the year many people may feel less energetic and more depressive — clinging to find cosiness of home

Red rose bear with red bow tie sitting in a flower bouquet
The end of summer festive activities doesn't reflects well on psyche and finding other methods of joy is important to avoid a fragile mood state. As leafs fall away and get carried away by windy torrents we wish the same for our sorrows, shaking them off with warmth of the hearth and nice things. It also time of harvest, what was saw and ploughed is now gathered, including love - sharing in it to enjoy together.
3 rose bears together, red, white and pink
When it's grey and damp, there are still many pleasures in each season - colourful fruits and vegetables, fireworks and the cheerful theme of upcoming Halloween celebration, also a wide range of gifts available to brighten things up. Why not summon a precious rose teddy to assist with needs and carry those heavy pumpkins! He will certainly help and lighten burdens
Grey rose bear with red heard positioned on a black panel